Mob Fandango – Ghetto Life

Rising Stars Winners – 2009
Mob Fandango are 11 musicians who met in N.U.I Maynooth’s Music Department. Drawing on several different musical influences, these guys and gals exist purely to make music that people can enjoy both listening and dancing to. Featuring trumpets, sax, flute and five vocalists, the Mob play a variety of genres, including soul, reggae, funk, folk, pop and r’n’b. This is original music by a passionate band, designed to make you feel good in these times of economic doom and gloom. Both visually and musically entertaining, Mob Fandango are a joyous celebration of all the good things about live music, and are a breath of fresh air to the Irish music scene.

Meet the Mob

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  1. Saw them live at the Musical Youth Foundation launch party & at the 2009 Soul Picnic – they really are FanTastic! Can’t wait to see them again! Bo

  2. Heard them do it at Rising Stars in Meeting House Square last year and then again at the Soul Picnic. Oh my god what a great song and what a great day! Bring on Soul Picnic 2010…hopefully there’ll be as much sunshine as last year, that was AMAZING! Its a Ghetto life…but you gotta love it!

  3. I heart the Mob!